What are you ready to welcome into your life AND what is holding you back?

I take time most mornings to reflect on the past day: my wins and my challenges. I then write down how I am feeling and what I am grateful for.

Gratitude is a fundamental pillar in sustaining optimism. It helps us recognize and value the good parts of our lives. We can do this even when times are tough. Gratitude is the practice of intentionally recognizing and being thankful for the good things we encounter each day. They can be big or small.

Practice Tip: To connect with gratitude daily, consider simple practices such as keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down three things you’re grateful for and why each day. Reflect on simple moments of appreciation, kindness, or achievements. 🫶

Engaging in acts of kindness or expressing thanks to others also reinforces a grateful mindset. It’s about consciously acknowledging the positive aspects of life, which in turn sustains a more hopeful and optimistic outlook. 🤗

“With Gratitude, optimism is sustainable” ~ Michael J Fox

As part of my morning journalling, I also write down 3 goals for the day.

Committing to this daily practice, helps me take small steps each day in the direction of living my best life and achieving my goals.

To help you move in the direction of living the life you want to live, it’s important to get clear about your goals each day.

Here’s just a few questions you can ask yourself 🤔

1. Who do you want to be in the world?
2. What lights you up?
3. How do you want to feel each day?

Then think about one thing you can do today that moves you towards your goals.

Shine bright,