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6 week radiant wellbeing course

Radiant Wellbeing


I support mature women to break through patterns of exhaustion and over giving to reclaim their vitality and confidence.
Enjoy short, simple and effective practices to lift your energy and mood. This program includes 2-30 minute yoga snacks: movement, directed breathing (pranayama), gestures of attitude (mudra), chanting and poetry. Choose a practice based on the time of day, your mood, the time you have available for practice and whether you are at home or on the go.

“…fabulous to have all these little practices together in a tool box..”

iRest 6 week yoga and meditation course

iRest 6 week Yoga Nidra/Meditation course -self paced


This course will support you in deep relaxation, meditative self enquiry and may open the doorway to a more intimate connection with your True Nature.

The iRest approach has been the subject of significant research and found valuable in the treatment of insomnia, trauma, anxiety, depression, anger management and chronic pain. iRest nourishes qualities such as peacefulness, empathy, forgiveness, patience and loving kindness towards yourself and others.

“It was when doing this course that I came to more fully understand how supportive, professional, nurturing and enabling your iRest recordings are. I feel privileged to have access to them.” – Robyn


where blue meets blue guided meditations

Where blue meets blue


Guided relaxations and meditations to help restore a sense of Ease and Wellbeing.

Practices range from 6 – 18 minutes. The recordings provide opportunities for relaxation and stillness through guided relaxations, meditations, breath work and sound.

“I can highly recommend this, it’s beautiful and I’ve enjoyed it many times over the years”. – Lynne

find balance through sound

Find Balance through Sound


Find a deeper connection to stillness and life through the yoga of sound.

Mantra is a reminder to treat our words as sacred, creative and divine.

What we think and say, we create.

Inspired by Deepak Chopra’s ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, these 10-15 minute seated practices offer reflection, self enquiry, connection and stillness through mantra repetition (japa) and meditation.