In the busy and often unpredictable nature of our day, it can be  often challenging to stay centred. We may become reactive and  behave in ways that don’t align with our higher self. Ideally we  create space between what life offers us and how we choose to deal  with it; what we say, what we do. When we are mindful and present,  we learn to respond rather than react to life.

Harmony flows within us when we operate in line with our higher self, our inner truth. We may find within this space, a conflict free environment that cultivates peace and wellbeing: a space from which clarity may arise and creativity can flow.

Several years ago I was asked by my mentor at the time to choose one word that would move me in the direction I wanted to go and grow. This word came easily : SPACIOUSNESS. The next task was to chose one action that would support my word. This too came easily: to chose a regular time each week to sit and write articles for my blog. What followed next was really interesting: spaciousness flowed into many areas of my life without effort. I began creating more physical space around me; in my office, around my home, at the studio and immediately felt more relaxed and content. What one word comes to mind for you? A word that moves you towards your dreams and goals. A word that immediately feels right and inspires you to make change. Consider, when we change our mindset, we must feel ready in our heart and be prepared for necessary change in behaviour to follow.

So what can we do to help cultivate the space required to know what we truly want and where we want to go. For me, I chose my breath and stillness. When I find my breath and hold it gently with my awareness, connecting with its natural rhythm and flow, I feel soothed.  It is a balm for my nervous system that radiates out to fill my entire being with space; a space that opens to clarity and inner wisdom. Simply sitting quietly in meditation for 5 – 15 minutes is enough. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Who am I?

2. What do I want?

3. What is my dharma (life purpose)?

Asking these questions will plant a seed into the fertile mind. Don’t dwell – plant the seed and let it be. Each time you come back to these questions in meditation, you are watering the seeds and they will grow. Be open to life around you and any opportunities that arise that align with your intentions.

Another way to create inner space is to find stillness through rest: stop what you are doing and lie down somewhere comfortably. In a yoga practice, we find this space within savasana, however we can reap the benefits of stillness anywhere that is comfortable where you will not be disturbed. Just a few minutes of  focussed stillness can move one from feelings of anxiety and tension to a place of calmness and clarity.

Here are some simple tips for a rejuvenating rest :

1. Once comfortable, close your eyes and connect with the natural heaviness of your body; the weight of your bones and muscles. Release the weight of your head, backs of the shoulders and hips into the support of the earth.

2. Scan your body for areas of holding and tension and  let your breath create space and ease around any areas found. Allow time for resistance to melt away: this is a process of undoing.

3. Look within and connect with the natural rhythm of your breath. You don’t need to change the breath, simply watch the natural rise and fall. Feel your body open to receive the breath and surrender as the breath is naturally released. Stay with it; become aware of the space at the top of each inhalation and the bottom of each exhalation. Don’t create the space or hold, simply notice what is there. 

4. If the mind wanders, simply begin again; heavy body surrendering to the natural rhythm of the breath.

Great if you can stay with this for 5 – 15 minutes then stretch gently and reenter your day with more clarity and ease.

In a few days, I’m off camping with my family to Echuca. Here in the quietness of life, I will consider my one word and action for 2015. On the banks of the beautiful Murray river I will go within and listen to my heart, not my head for guidance and wisdom.

Blessings for a wonderful and spacious 2015.