Asana practice is so much more than moving the body physically. Naturally, one’s flexibility and strength will improve, as will the general tone of your body. However a deeper experience is possible when you are immersed in the experience.

You begin by observing and directing the physical body and then move down through the layers or ‘koshas’.

What do I physically need to do to come into the pose safely?

What is required to bring the asana to life? How am I feeling? Is my breath still smooth and relaxed? What qualities is the asana bring to me in this moment?

Reflection and time spent within the asana to observe change and feelings that immerge. Be with the breath and feel the posture ‘come to life’.

Follow the asana with a period of stillness whether in tadasana, vajrasana or savasana to integrate and observe. The observation may include physical sensations or change, emotions, breath awareness (the rhythm and flow), state of mind or perhaps a general feeling or tone that encompasses the whole being – spirit.

Awareness of coming into, being with, releasing and observing the asana will deepen your yoga experience and bring you closer to sattva – inner harmony.