Well last Wednesday I ran my first one on one yoga session. It was with someone who knows and trusts me – a student and a friend. Having experienced some ‘hands on’ gentle adjustments in class, she approached me for a one on one session. I was really excited as I have been trying to get these type of sessions up and running for about a year now. I have wanted to offer a unique and very personal experience – an immersion into that which I love : yoga. I have recently dabbled in some thai yoga massage (attended several workshops and practiced on my boys) so wanted to included this element in my session. I designed a session based on what I felt was right for Melissa, guided intuitively. The session was very hands on; up front and personal. She described it as surprising, intimate and relaxing. The best part was a phone call I received from her today. She felt amazing after the session and for several days after. She said she felt ‘clean’ and having received bodywork before, was surprised and totally trilled with the results. She felt more aware of her body, more spacious and wants to book in for a monthly top up. I trusted that my experience and knowledge, coupled with my intent would provide a positive experience. Thanks to my client’s openness and trust – it memorable for us both.