I must be honest and say when I heard recent news about the partial lifting of restrictions in Victoria, the previously soft and relaxed feeling in my belly immediately tightened. Personally I have loved this time in isolation. Yes, I have really missed my family, close friends and participating in my weekly Zumba and bootcamp sessions but I have thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace. It’s given me an opportunity to think about how I want to be in the world and using this clarity to make decisions in moving forward.

So back to the uneasy feeling in my belly. I know that stability is important to me and having made the necessary adjustments due to COVID, there is once again uncertainty in many areas of my life. Will people want to return to group classes? Do I? Will there still be an interest in online classes in 2 months time?

These last few months of imposed slowing down, with time to take stock and turn inwardly, is a rhythm we find in nature through autumn and winter. And now there is an external pull to move back into socialising, activity, mobilising and all the effort and energy that brings: the inevitable busyness of it all. I am being pulled in opposites directions simultaneously, no wonder I feel out of sorts!

So I’m being gentle with myself. Enjoying the luxury of morning walks with my husband Andrew and our dogs Bindi and Harry, meditations by the wood fire with my virtual yoga community, no travelling to or from my beloved yoga classes and not taking a shower until mid afternoon some days because I’m comfortable and warm and don’t need to be anywhere but here. This time shared with Andrew and my two adults sons, Aidan and Zach (as they are all out of work) has been such a blessing. We have planted vegetables, cut back trees, mulched, finished jigsaw puzzles, played games and enjoyed meals together.

My wish is for everyone to take from this the gifts that have nourished you most. Remember what’s important and continue to give the most precious of gifts to yourself and others; your time, love and attention.