The kidneys are connected to the second chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen and the element of water.

Physiologically, hatha yoga works on the hips, lumbar, and sacral regions to stimulate this energy. Specific asanas can also aid in maintaining and stimulating the healthy flow of fluids in the body, which improves kidney function and revitalizes energy in the second chakra. Such fluids include the synovial fluids of the joints and the fluids of the lymphatic system as well as a healthy level of blood and urine production.

Asanas that simply put pressure on the kidneys also help to flush and cleanse these organs.

The meridian line, or energy line, that stimulates the kidneys runs from the bottom of the fifth toe and through the inner knee, thigh, and sacral region. Twists, back bends, forward folds, and inner thigh stretches will stimulate the second chakra and release blockages.


Bhudi Mudra

More than half our body weight consists of fluid,the Bhudi mudra helps to restore or maintain equilibrium in the fluid balance. This mudra is good for dry eyes or mouth and disorders of the bladder and kidney areas.

Place the tips of thumbs and little fingers together, extending the others in relaxed way. 

Imagine a small, clear mountain stream flowing gently. Dip your feet or hands into it and let it caress you. Cup the water in the hollow of your hands; drink the precious cool liquid;let it refresh you. While you do this repeat three times:


Water purifies, refreshes and strengthens my body, mind and soul.

Make sure you continue to drink plenty of good quality water in the colder months.

Keep warm,