Lately, my nervous system has been in overdrive. I’ve been dealing with a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis in my spine and my husband’s hospitalization due to a serious systemic infection. Although everything is being managed, my mind oscillates between vigilance and feeling stuck like a deer in headlights. Despite taking time off work and being kind to myself, I’m still exhausted. I’ve accepted the help and support of loved ones, but I know I could do better at asking for help.

However, amidst the fear, sadness, and uncertainty, I recognize a deep well of okayness within me. Beauty and love are also present, nourishing and supporting me. This well of nourishment is familiar to me; it’s where I go in meditation, pranayama, chanting, or yoga nidra. It’s the openness that permeates my being when I connect with nature, feel the warmth of the sun, smell a flower, or gaze at the ocean or sky.

I’m grateful for my practice and the teachings that deepen my connection with spirit. Even in challenging times, the essence of spirit is always here, vast, loving, and supportive. I’ve noticed that this essence moves to the foreground of my experience when life gets tough, unfolding without effort.

As I surrender deeply and let go of resistance, I feel broken open, raw, and vulnerable. I embrace life with all its messiness and gifts, meeting the unknown with gratitude and cherishing each precious moment as the gift it is.

So what I am doing to support myself: 

1. Giving space for my feelings, thoughts and emotions to be as they are. 

2. Accepting the support and help of friends and family 

3. Giving and receiving generous hugs 

4. Leaning into gentle self enquiry about what is most nourishing and supporting from moment to moment. 

5. Eating small, regular meals (no junk or fast food)

6. Chanting is feeling super supportive right now 

7. Continuing to teach, and not expecting perfection as it’s an opportunity to come back home to myself; my body, breath and essence. 

“Being is natural to all of us when we take the time to simply experience the presence of our being human. Being is what it feels like to be present and alive, grounded in our own presence. Taking time to rest as Being opens the doorway for you to feel your unchanging inner peace, calm, groundedness, security, joy, and love, for these are natural expressions of our Being and being human. So take time now to simply rest back as the heart centered presence of Being.”

Much love,