I am drawn to hands. Mostly in the form of touch and gesture but also to the artistic creation or interpretation of hands. Clay, resin, wood, stone, any carving of hands are so very beautiful, so very expressive. Being a yoga teacher, I work with hand gestures , called mudras, which evoke a feeling or attitude within. There is a grace, a softness in the conscious movement of hands and fingers. They convey much without any words spoken. There is a whole language (sign) so the deaf can communicate more easily. A way of communicating without words – how wonderful.

It is said that the meridians of the heart run to the hands, so is it any wonder open palms open our heart. Consider the work of our hands : they hold, grasp, lift, push, pull, mould, paint, carve, write, carry and caress………. One may experience comfort through a gentle embrace or touch. Hands wipe aways tears: both your own and of others. Hands come together in prayer; for thanks and in hope. My prayer for now : thanks and gratitude for all that I have and hope for the many seeds of inspiration to flourish.