Next course starts 5 February 2024


Are you a mature woman who lacks confidence in your changing body?

Do you lack motivation, feel depleted and overwhelmed?

Would you love to wake up feeling well rested and looking forward to the day?

Amazing results can be achieved when you commit to a little self care every day.

Would you like to – 

Become friends with your body?

Manage your stress and anxiety better?

Feel connected to yourself again?

Feel more energised and enthusiastic?

Have confidence and feel motivated to move forward with purpose?

Have access to daily tools that support your mental health and physical wellbeing?


I help people everyday transform their life by creating a sustainable step by step action plan.

I’ve been in your shoes and those days were really challenging. I was tired, frustrated and lacked confidence. If that’s how you feel right now…I would love to help.
I’m confident I can support you in finding a more vibrant and confident you, someone who feels at home in their changing body. I can show you that you too can Feel Radiant Well being.

Here is what I’m proposing…

I’ve built a step by step plan to guide you from feeling depleted, overwhelmed and lacking motivation, to feeling strong, confident and ready to meet each day with energy and enthusiasm in my 6 week program.

Are you ready to feel vibrant, confident and happy in your own skin?

I’m looking for 15 mature women who lack confidence and feel tired, are sick of feeling depleted and overwhelmed and are ready to take back control.


On 5 February, these women will start working closely with me to feel more energised and confidence in their changing body.

Does that sound exciting to you?

Do you find yourself falling into the same patterns and habits that don’t serve you?

Would you LOVE to stop feeling so busy and tired and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving confidence and clarity?

Those 15 women will get: 

6 week “Radiant Wellbeing” program so that you meet each day with energy and enthusiasm

My program follows the S H I N E method, a unique system that brings the body, mind and heart back home to Wellness. Mini practices that in incorporate rest, healthy habits, gentle movement, self reflection, directed breathing, meditation and more. A tool box of ‘yoga snacks’  that you can use Anywhere, Anytime. ✨

The program includes –  

Weekly group coaching calls via zoom to answer your questions and help keep you on track 

✅Pre-recorded content on building healthy habits and mindset to set you up for success. Topics covered include:

  • self care
  • rhythm & routine
  • yama (restraints/external ethics)
  • niyama (observances/internal ethics)
  • metta (loving kindness) & gratitude
  • make it a habit

Your Own App so you can practice self care Anywhere, Anytime

Accountability WhatsApp Group to provide ongoing support

✅Access to my video library of 75 minute yoga classes for the duration of the course

✅Done for You Monthly Self Care Calendar with 30 simple and effective ways to Nourish your Body, Mind & Heart daily 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to buy loads of special equipment? 

✅ Aside from a yoga mat which is helpful but no essential,  you won’t need to purchase other equipment. Yoga blocks and belts may be helpful, however there are other items around the house you could use instead. The best thing you can bring to your practice is an open heart and mind. 

I don’t have time for long sessions

✅ Most practices range from 10 – 30 minutes 

I’m not very flexible?

✅ This course is not about flexibility (no pretzel shapes here!!). The program is designed to support you in doing what you do every day with more ease, confidence and clarity, so you feel better in your body and mind.

Interested in meeting each day with more energy and confidence?

If you would like to know more book a discovery call here or email

Shine Bright ✨
Gabrielle x