2012 was a big year for me. My husband was recovering from a life-threatening condition, I was finishing my yoga therapy training, and decided in September that year to start iRest meditation training, a life changing decision. I came to the training from a place of often feeling busy and overwhelmed, with never enough time to get everything done. I was racing from one thing to the next, and not taking the time to rest or even acknowledge my accomplishments along the way.

As a result of the training and practices, my attitude towards life and the world around me slowly started to change. I knew first hand the gift of rest, of slowing down and self-care; and the greatest gift of all, acceptance. In accepting myself and others as they are, and accepting whatever life brings to my table, there is true freedom. I have learned to meet what is here, rather than resisting and wishing life was other than it is. What a gift! 

If you would like to explore the transformative teachings of iRest meditation, I am offering in person training starting this April. You can find out more here –

iRest in person course APRIL 2023