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You deserve a life that nourishes you just as much as you nourish others. 

Breakthrough cycles of exhaustion and over-giving to reclaim your personal vitality and confidence.

Don’t wait another day. Take action Now.

Start nourishing yourself Today!


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Get More Clarity

Discover Peace

Create Lasting Wellbeing

Work with me for the ultimate transformation over 6 weeks.

Imagine . . .

Waking up each day feeling well rested and enthusiastic about the day ahead.

Connecting with a sense of purpose that drives your daily life.

Feeling more balanced and calm every day.

Incorporating regular movement and rest to support your body and mind through the aging process.

Yoga With Gabrielle

My signature 6 week program is designed to support you in reconnecting with yourself so you can prioritise your wellbeing


  • Program is designed to lift your energy and includes gentle movement, breathing practices, lifestyle/mindset changes, relaxation, meditation and more.
  • 6 weeks of pre-recorded content available through my Radiant Wellbeing app to support you along the way.
  • Community section within the app for support and questions.(Monday – Friday)
  • Bonus access to my extensive library of yoga classes for duration of the course
  • 12 month access to the course content
  • Your Investment – $547





Week 1 – Establishing a daily self care routine

Understanding Habit Change: Patience, Persistence, and Progress.

Understand the importance of regular practice, and daily rhythms for optimal wellbeing. This week we explore movement to gently lift your energy though the day and ujjayi breath to calm and ground your energy.

Week 2 ~ Getting a good night’s sleep

Add breathing ratios to movement to engage the mind and find balance.

Restorative practice, ideal for the end of the leg to support rest and prepare for sleep.

Explore three part breathing with mudras (hand gesture) to open your capacity to breathe fully and lift energy.

Week 3 ~ Reclaim your Energy

Time for self refection to notice what your tendencies are.

Do your actions and mindset support you in living life with meaning, value and purpose?

Week 4 ~ Stepping out with Confidence

Discover daily routines of self care for maintaining good health and balance in your life. Dinacharya, aims to align your internal rhythm with the rhythms of nature for optimal physical and mental wellbeing.

Explore alternate nostril breathing to support Balance.

Gently build strength in our movements.

Week 5 ~ Learning to ride the Ups and Downs of Life  

The yoga of sound (mantra) helps to calm the mind, increase concentration, and purify the body and mind. Using focussed attention on desired qualities can create positive change in your life.

Explore a simple breathing technique to calm the mind and body.

Week 6 ~ Integration and Living from Radiant Wellbeing

Learn how to integrate the teachings and practices over the past 6 weeks into everyday life.

Feel empowered to meet whatever life brings to your table from an inner resource of strength and resilience.

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SO if you are wondering if this investment is right for you. Tell me . . .

Do you wake up feeling tired, and unmotivated to meet the day ahead?

Do you feel sluggish and heavy in your body, and can’t seem to find an activity or movement that meets your body as it is?

Are you often caught in cycles of worry, stress and self doubt?

Are you in pain and struggling to be in a body that doesn’t move and feel like it used to?

Are you always giving of your energy and time to others, with little or nothing left in the tank for YOU?

Are you thinking that life will be better when something changes in the future?

Do you find yourself falling into the same patterns and habits that don’t serve you?

Are you spending too much time in distracting behaviours such as scrolling through social media or watching TV?

nourished life - yoga with gabrielle

You deserve a life that nourishes you just as much as you nourish others.

I believe that our physical bodies tell us so much about what’s going on inside our hearts. If you’re feeling exhausted, experiencing health issues, stiffness in your body, or just feel like something is missing, I am here to tell you that your body has a message for you and it’s time to listen. Yoga therapy can help you nourish your physical body, your mind and spirit, allowing you to continue handling all of the things you’re used to doing.

I get it, life can feel challenging without the right nourishment and support.

I know what it’s like to be in a body that works differently than it did years ago. Or caring for a parent or a spouse while raising a family and wondering how to juggle it all. My yoga practice has taught me that whatever life throws at you, you can respond from a centred, grounded place when you have the right tools to support you.

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About Gabrielle

Gabrielle is an IAYT certified yoga therapist, senior yoga teacher and iRest Yoga Nidra meditation certified teacher who helps women find lasting wellbeing, a sense of purpose, and renewed hope that life can be filled with joy and ease no matter what it throws your way.

Embrace a new path to personal vitality and unwavering confidence. 

Take action now and embark on a transformative journey towards self-nourishment.

Your time is now—start prioritising yourself today!


“And it is true; a little yoga practice everyday, or most days, really does make a difference to your quality of life. This program is a great gift to give yourself.”  ~Tiziana

“With Gabrielle’s guidance through a variety of gentle, nourishing practises, including movement, breath work and mudras, I felt more settle, centred and uplifted throughout my day.”  ~Vicki

“The beauty of this program is that it is suitable for anyone, no matter your level of experience. For absolute beginners, it will challenge your possible pre-conception of yoga as Gabrielle’s clear teachings will introduce you not only to nourishing and gentle asana, but also to the incredible power of simple breathing exercise (pranayama). For seasoned yoga devotees who are looking to deepen their practice beyond the physical asana, this program is a radiant gem. What I love about Gabrielle’s teachings is that she clearly explains why these practices are so nourishing and beneficial for our minds and bodies, even when only practiced for a short period of time. It is a treasure chest that I feel drawn to dipping into every day.

You won’t regret taking part in Radiant Wellbeing – it is a simple yet profound investment in yourself.” ~ Sally